Web Hosting Types - Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Published: 25th August 2011
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Having a well run website is only half the battle when it comes to finding and exploiting your audience for the benefit of the website. To really give your site a chance to succeed, you need a quality hosting company that is working for you to make sure that your site is always running at its finest. But with all the unique hosting types out there, how can you know which one is the best for you? It starts with having a clear plan for your site. How fast do you intend to grow? What is the size of your enterprise? How much does it cost to keep things running each month? Once you answer the questions above, you should take doing business with the following types of hosting companies, depending on your need:

Shared hosting companies

For those with smaller growth in mind, the shared hosting format is probably sufficient. In this form of hosting company, you split costs across one server with a number of unique sites. It limits you in a large number ways if you are aggressive minded, but if your site is just a small enterprise, then it is sufficient. The big benefit of shared hosting is that it is probably the cheapest type of hosting company to do business with. The disadvantage is frequent crashes and greater susceptibility to viruses.

Virtual private server hosting companies

If you are seeking a middle ground for growth, then you may want to take the VPS. This form of hosting company allows you a large number of the perks of a dedicated host without all the infrastructure and hardware requirements on site. The benefit of the VPS is greater ability to protect your site and your users. The disadvantage is that this form of hosting company charges more than the shared kind. But if you need bigger growth ideas in mind, you should surely take going with one of these companies or a:

Dedicated server hosting companies

When you are on a dedicated server, it means all of that servers resources are your own. You never share with any other entity, and that puts you in more control as far as power is concerned and as far as keeping the viruses and spambots at bay. The disadvantage to a dedicated server hosting company, in any way, is the cost. It costs far more to do business this way than it does the other two forms mentioned above, but it can be worth it if you are a large company eyeing for a worry free way to do business internet.

Now that you see what all is out there, it is pretty clear that each hosting company comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. Which is best for your site requires careful consideration.

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