Top Selling Perfume of 2008

Published: 14th January 2009
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Perfume has always been at the top of shopping lists for both men and women. The right perfume can create an aura of elegance and sophistication for the wearer. Many men and women only stick to designer perfume because they know them for their quality, and they are familiar with the smell of the perfumes.

The fragrances of perfumes stimulate our sense of smell. They send all kinds of different messages to our brain. And we then decide whether we like or dislike these responses. Obviously, the perfumes that we eventually choose to wear have to impress ourselves, and the people around us. For this reason, it's a good idea to stick with perfumes that are of the highest quality. No one wants to associate with a person who wears only cheap perfume.

So what is the difference between quality perfumes and cheap perfumes?

Quality perfumes tend to cost a lot more. That's because they have gone through more rigorous rounds of testing. They usually have stronger scents that last a lot longer than cheap perfumes. More importantly, the scents are consistent throughout the whole day. Some cheap perfume lose their initial scent quality after just a few short hours. The scent may even evolve into something that is unpleasant! You certainly want to avoid that.

For women, here were some top selling perfumes in 2008.

Daisy Marc Jacobs - As the name suggests, this is a floral perfume with top notes of strawberry and grapefruit and a woody musk base. This top selling perfume comes in many different types of perfume bottles. You can buy them for personal use, or to give away as gifts. There are even complete sets of Daisy March Jacobs. These cost about $80, while a single bottle of Daisy Marc Jacobs costs about $40.

Dolce & Gabbana the One - For this line of perfume, the design of the perfume bottle is rather unique. The lid is rectangular in shape, and the perfume come in various sizes. Depending on the size of the bottle, a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana the One costs between $20 to $80.

Emporio Armani Diamonds - This is the ideal perfume for women. The bottles are carefully designed to look like crystals, and the perfume come in small, exquisite looking bottles. A bottle costs between $30 to $70.

For men, here are some top perfume releases in 2008.

Attitude by Giorgio Armani - Men fragrances are very different from women fragrances. The perfumes come in larger bottles, and they are often the symbol of masculinity and sensuality. The design of the perfume bottles are also quite different. They portray a stronger intensity.

Calvin Klein MAN - Calvin Klein MAN series of perfume is more mainstream compared to Attitude. The bottle designs look less elegant, but they come in rather interesting shapes and sizes.

Diesel Fuel for Life Men - Diesel may sound like an odd name for a perfume, but this line of perfume seem to have taken off quite well. The designs are rather unique - the bottles are wrapped in tough looking but smooth feeling fabric.

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