Shared Hosting Cpu Usage Limits And Other Shared Hosting Limitations

Published: 06th April 2011
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Other thing to look out for in a shared hosting company is their technical support. Because the server is shared, there is a higher probability that your web site will suffer errors or problems. Therefore, you need a good technical support to help you fix the web hosting is a very important tool in any internet business. Without one, a web site's future is surely grim. In choosing a web host, it is important to critically take its capacity and limitations. In the creation of a web page for example, a CPU's usage limit is vital. The type of web hosting plan determines the CPU usage limits and other limitations as well.

Undoubtedly, shared hosting is one of the most practical hosting services to have. For those who are just starting out in their business, it is not wise to be spending so much on hosting plans. In shared hosting, a number of sites are served by one server. Correspondingly, CPU time is a finite resource that is shared by all the other sites hosted on the same web server. This means that if a site is using too much CPU, the rest of the web sites may need slow load times. In worse conditions, they may even not load at all.

In order to prevent this from happening, web hosts track CPU usage in order to help prevent collateral damage that may happen to the other web sites.
under any circumstances, no matter how the host will try to accommodate such problems, it is something that happens quite often. As a result, the operation of a web site is disrupted. Thus, if your web site requires more than what shared hosting can offer, it is advisable to move to dedicated hosting or VPS. In as much as you would like to patronize shared hosting forever, sooner or later, your web site will outgrow your account. When this happens, you need no choice but to upgrade. While it is true that shared web hosting is the least expensive among all types of hosting, there are a number of limitations aside from CPU usage that other web sites could not handle.

Perhaps one of the main drawbacks to shared hosting is the fact that most web hosts limit the web serving features that they offer. These include the ability to use php server side programming on html pages, and the ability to customize server default behaviors. These are basically a little of the limitations of shared hosting that a large number clients want or need.

Other limitation is its uptime. Since there is more than one web site that is hosted in the server, there is a high possibility of overloading visitors which might be something that your web site cannot support. This results to poor reliability and slower uptime which are not very favourable to any business.

Finally, most shared hosting offers limited technical support. Now, this is surely not good for any web site. Since the server is shared, it is most likely that your site will suffer error or problems. You certainly need a good technical support to assist you in these problems. In any way, since other web sites may also be suffering from the same condition as well, you cannot really expect full technical support.

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