Pure And Simple Clean With Camay Bar Soap

Published: 16th May 2011
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All soaps are designed to clean, but not all such products achieve this goal with the same flair. When it comes to bar soaps, there is a wide range of options on the market. Some focus on deep cleaning, while others may strive to moisturize. Despite the vast variety, very few soaps can boast of a longstanding history of quality that comes close to the legacy of Camay Bar Soap.

Camay soap was first developed in the 1920s by the home product manufacturer Procter and Gamble. At that time, many soaps were heavily dyed and had numerous additives, making them abrasive to the skin. Due to the manufacturing process back then, many companies had trouble hiding the impurities in soap, and many companies overcompensated for these shortcomings by simply adding more chemicals to mask the appearance of any problematic areas. The result was often a bar of soap that looked attractive but did not leave soft or moisturized skin.

Instead of sticking to the crowd, Procter and Gamble focused on making an alternative to mainstream soaps, with a focus on purity and simplicity. Experts at the company worked to refine the process of making soap, focusing on using quality ingredients in order to ensure that no impurities resulted. With fewer impurities, the company had to use fewer additives, making for a revolutionary cleaning option. The ultimate result was Camay bar soap, which was first available to consumers in 1926.

In fact, Camay bar soap was so widely respected that it quickly became considered an elite option in personal hygiene. To this end, Procter and Gamble focused its advertising almost exclusively on women, giving the soap a soft, floral scent and distinctive pink packaging. As Camay bar soap continued to appeal to high class consumers, Procter and Gamble fostered that reputation with the slogan that Camay soap was the soap for beautiful women. This tactic worked, easily cementing Camay's place in the market. The pink box was a symbol of sophistication, and one spokeswoman for the soap included Luciana Pignatelli, an Italian socialite who readily appealed to high class circles and women of elegance.

This rich history is nowhere near from over. Camay soap continues to be sold, making it a viable option for households and businesses around the world. Over the years, Camay bar soap has stayed true to the principles that it started with, offering purity and quality to customers around the world. Modern customers can appreciate that there are minimal additives in Camay soap. More than that, Camay soap has strong moisturizing properties, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Fortunately, purchasing Camay bar soap is easier than ever. Most retailers still carry Camay soap, which is quickly identified by its trademark pink packaging. However, for those looking to save some money on their soap purchase, it is also possible to turn to online retailers for discounted prices. Many of these retailers will carry Camay bar soap with options for bulk ordering. While ordering in bulk may seem extreme, it can be a useful way to save money and ensure that there is always an ample supply of soap for any need.

Overall, Camay bar soap has a proven history of pure and simple cleanliness, making it a powerful personal hygiene product that will likely appeal to customers for generations.

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