Internal Linking Strategy And The Benefit Of Having A Sitemap

Published: 17th January 2012
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Internet marketers and web site owners channel a considerable chunk of their resources to link building. This means that most of us tend to give much of our time and effort building back links for our web site. In most cases, we tend to miss the fact that off-site SEO is just one of several important elements of the entire SEO process. Of course, you need to maintain a balance and allocate enough time and resources for on-site SEO, and this is where internal linking strategy comes in.

Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking structure, as it is known in SEO circles, is also referred to as web site navigation. It is one of the basic requirements of your target readers and spiders of google search engines. Intuitive and logical navigation are extremely useful to your readers as it helps them in finding the information or solutions that they are searching for in your web site. This means that you enjoy higher response rates in terms of reader comments, phones, sales orders, etc. A linking structure that is properly coded and well constructed will ensure proper indexing by google search engines spiders as they can easily navigate your web site. Also implement sitemap for your website, it helps search engine indexing of internal page too. Our website is using XML sitemap, and this help the indexing of website.

Importance of Internal Linking Strategy

You need to formulate an effective internal linking strategy so that you spread out to all the pages of your web site the thinkable link juices. A well-laid internal linking template will also promote better crawling and ensure that the most important pages garner high scores in terms of relevance from google search engines.

It is also foremost that you give enough time and effort in developing your internal linking strategy for the following reasons:

  • It is an important element of the communication structure of your web site

  • It is used to mark pages that are more important

  • It allows you to distribute the link juices you generate from other web sites and blogs

  • It gives you the flexibility in determining which keywords should be prioritized in order to promote web pages with lower google search engine rankings.

Creating an Effective Internal Linking Strategy

It is imperative that you have a good sitemap for your web site in order to boost your internal links to the most important posts and pages of your web site. It is highly recommended that you use sitemaps that has text links instead of images. You have to make sure that your anchor texts incorporate popular keywords and key phrases, and these should drive your readers to the most relevant pages of your web site.

It is also a must that you identify areas where you can add contextual links in order to improve the internal linking structure of your web site. You have to link to related content and articles in your web site at the end of the article in your blog. Of course, you need to include important keywords and key phrases in your anchor text in the content of the pages that you want to obtain better ranking is google search engine results.

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