How To Properly Take On Chimney Breast Removal Work

Published: 25th July 2011
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The United Kingdom is commendable for its strict regulations in construction and renovation of infrastructure. With the safety of its citizens in mind, your local building officer will never be lenient with how you construct a new structure or renovate an existent one. Some people would say that it is overly meticulous and such a waste of time if you have to seek a permit even if you only want to make a minor modification, but it is the way things are done in the UK and you have no choice but to comply.

One type of renovation work that is common in the UK is the removal of the chimney breast. Before the central heating system was invented, every room had its own fireplace that provides heat and adds a focal point to the room. Now, the central heating system can give you all the heat you need and the fireplace with its chimney breast is only a waste of floor space. However, note the fact that chimney breast removal work is not a simple renovation that you can work on in a jiffy. You are required to seek the assistance of a Structural Engineer, have your local building authority approve the proposed renovation plans, and then invite a local authority building control officer to inspect the work done. If you are unfamiliar with the process and are eager to remove the chimney breasts that are taking up space in your home, read on:

Hire a Structural Engineer
If you decide to remove the chimney breast of the fireplaces in your home, you can't just pick up your mallet and start hammering away. The chimney breast is a vital part of the foundation of your home, and altering it in any way can cause damage to your home's stability, and sometimes even cause the whole structure to collapse. It is best to hire a structural engineer who can design a renovation plan that will not compromise the stability of the structure even with the chimney breasts removed.

Have Your Renovation Plans Approved
Before, you can commence working on your renovation plans, the local authority should have a look at your plans, approve it, and provide you the necessary permits to renovate the place. Be mindful of this step because if you fail to get the permit necessary to renovate, you may face charges for not following the building and renovation code in the UK.

Seek Post-renovation Inspection
Your work is not done after your structural engineer finishes the renovation job. You have to schedule a visit with a local inspection building officer so he can examine the work done and give you the clearance that determines the renovation as successful and that the stability of the home is not compromised. If you don't do this, you will have problems when trying to put up your home for sale, as the local building authorities will mark your home as "unsafe" for purchase and with incomplete permits.

If you want to learn more about chimney breast removal and would like to get an accurate chimney breast removal cost estimate, visit the website of your trusted UK builder today.

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