How To Paint A Stone Fireplace

Published: 24th January 2012
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If it appears that your stone fireplace already needs some makeover, then you may have to consider applying a fresh coat of paint on it to give it a refurbished look. The fireplace is normally the focal point of the room and as such, it has to be the best part of the room. Thus, when your stone fireplace is already going on the dreary and old side, then it is imperative that you seriously consider your best options in order to perk up this hole on the wall.

Consider Safety Requirements

Before you even start planning for the repainting of your stone fireplace, it is necessary that you go through the building safety codes to ensure that all important provisions are complied with. When you are planning to apply a fresh coat of paint on your stone fireplace, it is imperative that you take into account the safety requirements for paint materials and other combustible materials that you are going to use on your stone fireplace and the immediate surroundings.

It is also a must that you consult with your home improvement center or paint supplier regarding the use of paint products - paints, primers, etc. - as well as the appropriate tools and equipment for this kind of home improvement job.

When planning to paint your stone fireplace, you have to remember that the removal of paint coatings on stucco, stone and majority of masonry surfaces is extremely difficult. You may have to resort to sandblasting if you need to undo a painting job. Thus, proper planning is extremely critical when it comes to this type of home improvement project. You really have to make sure that you really want to do the repainting job on this hole on the wall and that such home improvement job seamlessly blends with the other design elements of the room. In addition to this, you may also need to do some practice run to ensure that you are doing the job in the right manner.

Paint Color for your Stone Fireplace

One of the best choices would be to choose a paint color for your fireplace that is the similar to the color of the walls. You may also choose a color that is in direct contrast to the dominant color of the room. Whatever your final choice of color, it is highly recommended that you discuss the color options with your paint supplier or your home improvement contractor or consultant. They can help you decide on the tools, paint products, shades, hues and tones that are appropriate for your stone fireplace.

Preparing your Stone Fireplace for the Painting Job

Before you start with the painting job, it is necessary that you protect the immediate sections of the room, and these include the floor and walls and other fixtures that may be affected by overspray and drips. The coverage largely depends on the type of paint that you are using for the home improvement job as well as the method of application, whether you are rolling and cutting or spraying.

To prepare the surface that is going to be painted, you have to use soap and water, scrapers, brush or sandpaper in order to remove old paint flakes, loose debris and dirt. Allow the surface to dry and use a vacuum to remove any remaining particles after doing the surface prepping job.

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