How The New Types of Reporting Tools Improve Your Business

Published: 01st February 2010
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If you are having challenges getting access to all the business tracking data you need, then you do not have the proper software. Software reporting tools can make your company run smoother, faster, and allow your IT personnel to become more effective. You will no longer be clueless as to whether or not your business strategies are succeeding. You can learn that with the proper collection of reports and dashboards based on the information already contained in your database.

Dynamic report generation

You can custom create the report that you need. If you would like to see specific inventory on hand or even see what the exact replacement costs are, you can do so. Visually powerful graphs and charts that will display in detail what you've just run.


Besides being able to access reports from a Web browser, they can easily be exported and download to an email or a pdf file for scheduled personalized or mass distribution. This can be used by those that are in an office setting or traveling. If you need access to information you will be able to get it with these reporting tools.

Growth Projection

If you are considering making a purchase of a product but aren't sure of whether or not it would be a good buy, you can create a report that will provide you with scenario modeling. You can input many scenarios that will give you all possible outcomes. You can make a decision based upon clear facts and figures and not from unknown variables. This will save you and your company money by not tying up capital in bad inventory.

Drill down to details

You can spot sales increases and declines and act upon them as soon as they happen. You can tailor sales campaigns on specific areas with the information that is generated by the drill down detailed capability. What might work in one area might not work in another. You can shift inventory and sales to those that have a better fit. You can even determine the different sales figures of each store. If there is a monthly objective that they must meet you can identify any potential misses early on and take action. This will help them to meet objectives.

Viewer profiles can be customized

You can create reports the way that you need. If you want visually compelling charts and graphs that will allow you to better see the bigger picture, they can be personalized. Each user has the capability to modify the report that will fit their requirements.

Just in time

If your company operates using just in time inventory methods you will be able to measure how quickly your vendors deliver material. You can even compare prices from two competing companies, along with errors and return rates. This will allow you to better negotiate your prices and pinpoint major issues. If you have a lot of lost sales due to late delivery times, this will help you to spot them and so that you can adjust your inventory to meet your demands.

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