Five Things To Remember When Installing Bunk Beds For Kids

Published: 15th July 2011
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Installing bunk beds for kids is a fun and exciting thing. After all, most kids love the fact that their bed is an adventure on its own, and they would surely love to spend quality time with their siblings while playing in their bunk beds. However, bunk beds pose some risks to children, especially if they are not reminded by their parents. Kids tend to become too adventurous: some jump from the top bunk bed, some scramble down the ladder without care, etc. This lack of reminders from parents can lead to injury. To avoid this, here are the five things that parents should remember to do or advise to keep children from getting injured while playing in their bunk beds.

Keep the Ladder and Slip-free
The number one cause of falls is when children go down the ladder too fast without holding carefully to the rungs. To avoid this, always remind your children to carefully climb down the ladder step by step. Also, to keep the ladder rungs from being too slippery, install some rubber coverings on to the rungs so it can be gripped more securely by your kids.

Choose Bunk Beds with Railings for Young Kids
Young kids have a tendency to toss about when sleeping. This is unsafe when a young kid sleeps on the top bunk bed. To prevent your kid from falling from atop the bunk bed, choose bunk beds whose lower and upper beds have protective railings. This will prevent your children from falling off the bed while they are asleep or playing.

Always Remind Kids to be Careful When Climbing Up and Down the Ladder
Children are always in a hurry, either because they have too much energy or are thinking of many things to do for the day. Energetic kids are more often caught in minor accidents because they are always in a rush and are not always careful with what they are doing. Always discourage your kids from climbing up and down the ladder too fast. This usually causes kids to slip off the ladder, fall, and/or hit their heads on the ladder or on the floor. Ladders of bunk beds are as safe as any other set of stairs. You just have to constantly remind your kids so they will not go down the ladder without precaution.

Advise Kids Never to Jump from the Bunk Bed
Adventurous kids always like to imitate cartoon characters that fly, such as Superman or Wonderwoman. As a result, some kids jump off the top bunk of a bunk bed to feel like they are flying. This can cause them to bump their heads on the ceiling or fall on the floor. Installing railings on the top bunk can help prevent kids from doing this. And in case your children are too energetic to mind your advice, install rubber mats on the floor to help cushion their jump (or fall).

Check Bunk Bed Bolts Regularly for Signs of Wear
If your kids sleep on bunk beds, you always have to check the nuts and bolts to make sure that the bunk bed is sturdy. Failure to do this can cause the stability of the bunk bed to weaken. Of course, you don't want the bed to collapse on your children, do you?

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