Export Import in Colombia

Published: 30th July 2009
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Colombia is a highly active economy and one of the largest in South America. It is a rapidly developing economy that has a lot of potential for traders who know how to do it right. You can take advantage of the growing economy and get the best out of your investment in Colombia. The country has been considered to be one the most extreme economies in the world by the reputed magazine Business Today. This fact alone should say how much the Colombian economy is thriving right now.

The main difference between the Colombian economy and the other developing economies around the globe is the serious government debt and the high internal conflict that plagues the country. However, despite these tough obstacles the country has been doing quite well and has seen a lot of improvement in the past decade. When it comes to import and export activities, this country is a very active exporter of quite a few items. Import is mainly in the form of food grains and other necessary items. There is also a small market for luxury items within the market where you can find regular customers.

Colombia being mainly a poor country. Hence it is imperative that you acclimatize yourself with the economy. There are a lot of problems within the economy and you need to understand these underlying aspects in order to have a successful business in Colombia. The main factor that goes against the interests of importers is the low demand for the mainstream and high-level items in the country. You thus have to understand the market and generate a niche for yourself that will be accessible to the common people of the country. Thus your main target is to entice the masses if you want to make mass sales of a low cost item. To import high cost items, you have study the demographics of those who can afford them within the country.

When it comes to exporting, there are a lot of opportunities for good business within the country. The country has a large amount of exporting business with its neighbors and the rest of world. It is one of the largest producers of Emeralds in the world and hence this gem is also exported in large quantities. This is a good opportunity for any one who has been involved with the international gem and jewelry industry. There is also an opportunity for importers here because this industry needs specialized cutting and measuring equipments. This is especially true when it comes to producing and preparing export quality material.

Mining is a key industry in Colombia but is a small operation when it is compared to the other countries where mining is an important contributor to the economy. This sector exports a majority of its products and it also needs to import certain machinery and spare parts that are produced outside the country.

Thus with an eye for detail and good market research - a dedicated businessman can easily set up a large business in Colombia.

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