Do Not Use Free Email Account (Including Gmail) In Your Marketing Campaign

Published: 20th March 2011
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It cannot be denied that the internet has clearly brought a lot of benefits to mankind in terms of communication and marketing. The internet has become a significant source of information, merchandises, and services such that practically almost all businesses are anchored in the internet. Aside from the fact that it provides a wide range of users, it also offers 24/7 accessibility. Thus, if you want your business to reach far and wide, there is no easier way to do it than with internet marketing.

Although conventional marketing campaigns are proven to be effective, new methods of marketing campaigns are actually garnering more favor from most businessmen nowadays. In fact, internet marketing is one of the most prioritized marketing campaigns today. Needless to say, the benefits of internet marketing are enormous. Under any circumstances, these can only be achieved when you know how to run an effective internet campaign.

Defining your target business users is one of the most important things that you should take in running an effective marketing campaign. Before selling out an idea, merchandise, or service to a user, it is vital that you know who constitutes your users. Fundamental information such as gender, age, and demography should be established along with identifying your target users. This can actually be done by using an existing user database, market research, and surveys. In order to do this, you need to establish an email for such purpose.

According to marketing experts, it is not advisable to use free emails including Gmail in your marketing campaign. While free email services are clearly very enticing, there are actually some significant disadvantages on using free email services. The significant disadvantage is security and privacy. With free emails, it is difficult to control privacy and security of emails and profile data. In fact, you can probably attest to this with the amount of spam mails that clutter in your inbox. Although free email services including Yahoo and Gmail claims that they guarantee full privacy, this is not really the case. No matter how hard they try to actually do this, far too many still receive unwanted emails even if they never provided their addresses to a third party. far too many people may not be aware of this but far too many free email services actually sell their address to various marketing companies. As such, full privacy guarantees cannot really be totally relied on.

Other disadvantage is the simple web based email facilities that these services usually provide. There is practically no way of modifying these facilities and from time to time it is very hard to add a picture from a local machine instead of sending it as attachment. It is also difficult to ass a customized email signature.

Thus, if you are serious about your marketing campaign, it is better for you not to use free email account including Gmail in your marketing campaign. With non-guaranteed privacy and simple web based facilities, going full bloom on your marketing campaign may not be that achievable.

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