Choosing Between The Low Loft Bed And Twin Loft Bed

Published: 15th July 2011
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A common dilemma faced by parents when they choose to purchase a loft bed for their children is deciding what kind of loft bed to purchase. There are many types of loft beds available in the market, and if you have no idea with regard to the advantages each kind of loft bed offers, you will surely be at a loss. Two most popular forms of loft beds are the low loft bed and the twin loft bed. If you are choosing between these two types of loft beds and are having a hard time making up your mind, here are a few considerations you have to mull over to help you decide:

Number of Children
The primary consideration when choosing between the low loft bed and the twin loft bed is the number of children who will use the bed. For 2 children or more, the twin loft bed is obviously a better choice. However, a single child who frequently entertains guests may also opt to have a twin loft bed. On the other hand, twins who like to sleep beside each other may prefer the low loft bed. Ask your children on what type of sleeping arrangements they plan to pursue so you can make an informed choice and buy a set that they can use in comfort.

Safety Considerations
For young children, a tall twin loft bed may not be a good idea, especially if they are too young to control their movement in bed. To prevent the risk of them falling from such a great height, opt for a low loft bed that is safer then twin loft beds that have higher beds. If you have grown-up children, twin loft beds may be better because they might bump their heads with the low loft bed. Consider the age of children when choosing between these two popular beds so you can avoid accidents caused by poor choices. Ideally, teenagers are better off with twin loft beds, while youngsters aged 5-12 are better off with low loft beds.

Fixed versus Versatile
Both the low loft bed and the twin loft bed can be bought in fixed and versatile sets. This is one thing you should also consider. If your children are active and they like moving things about, perhaps the set should have movable parts. This is usually the case for grownup children. For small children who use low loft beds, the fixed set may be better because it does not pose the risk of parts of the bed falling on your child. But then again, you also have to consider the activity of your children in their room. Versatile sets are better to have, and if you think your children can handle versatile loft beds, regardless of their types, do not hesitate to give the movable loft bed a "go".

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