Choose Magento Optimized Hosting For Your Magento Commerce Website

Published: 10th June 2011
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Magento optimized shared hosting plans can give one all the power and affordability that he needs in a hosting service for whatever subject his site covers. However, it is often overlooked as a viable means to ecommerce success. The reality behind this particular style of hosting is that one can handle heavy amounts of traffic while still enjoying 99.9 percent uptime and functionality unsurpassed. Because dependability is foremost for one to run a website as a business, you need reliability and affordability when it comes to the hosting package that you choose. If you have been considering other preference then it may be time for you to come back to Magento for the following reasons:

Firstly, since it is shared hosting that means you will spending far less than you would for a virtual private or dedicated server. Since most Internet businesses operate on a small scale, these two forms of hosting are often overkill when all one needs is reliable Magento optimized shared hosting to spread the costs across several platforms instead of bearing the infrastructure and the operation expenses alone. Do not pay for more power than you will ever use. Instead use the cost saving functions of Magento to shrink your overhead.

Secondly, Magento optimized can guarantee you 99.9 percent uptime, and that goes for your ecommerce side as well. When your site experiences downtime it can be greatly affected in a negative way. Internet users need sites that work now for the needs and the wants that they possess. Extended downtime can mean they quickly move past your site and opt for another instead. Hosting companies and plans should pride themselves on the ability to keep you available for public consumption. It is the only way that you will ever be seen, and the only way to ever make sales.

Thirdly, there is no onsite hardware that you have to keep track of and maintain as a result of subscribing to the Magento optimized plan. Since it is shared hosting, you share space and hardware with other sites, while also sharing the costs. Simplifying your overall operation is a hallmark of Magento and one of the main reasons that people come back to it year after year. Regularly, for around $20 per month you can discover a deal on Magento that will offer all these features along with a money back guarantee, depending on with whom you contract.

Turning your site into a money making machine should be a priority for you if you dare to do business internet. But if you donít have the tools in place to make that happen, it won't matter how good your product or service is. Choose Magento and do business worry free every step of the way.

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