5 Advantages Of Handmade Furniture Over Factory Manufactured

Published: 24th June 2010
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Factory manufactured furniture has many advantages that draw in consumers from all over the world. Among them is the fact that certain styles that are appealing to the eye are able to be reproduced, thus offering ready availability. While this is, in fact, a good thing, is it really enough to warrant the high prices and poor craftsmanship that many dealers try to sell you? Most factory made furniture is designed to break down in a few short years. It's for this reason that you should consider going another route. Instead of choosing something so uncertain, consider the advantages of handmade furniture, and you won't be sorry.

Furniture that is handmade receives more attention to detail. With handmade furniture, you have an undeniably skilled craftsman working over every inch of the material to ensure that it is the best that it can be. This often results in attention to detail that a machine is just not capable of reproducing.

Products crafted by hand are unique. The definition of "unique" is "one of a kind." That means you can search the whole world over and never find another piece just like the one in your possession. That kind of mystique adds an appreciation that will result in better treatment over time, and considerable pride of ownership. Factory manufactured furniture cannot boast such a claim because specs must be set to the same standard on every piece that comes off the line.

Furnishings from the hand of another are not subject to defects from a machine. And speaking on the topic of specs, do you know what happens when something goes wrong with a machine's specifications? You end up with a whole lot of defective furniture. The same is true if there is a breakdown somewhere in the machine. You could end up with the headache of a recall or return. It happens every day. While humans are not perfect, machines are creations of human beings that are capable of mass production, but are also capable of mass confusion and failure.

These products compete well on price. Even though handmade furniture seems like it would be far more expensive than factory manufactured furniture, it is in reality competitive on price. Add to the mix that you won't have to replace it every five years, and you have a consumer product that comes closer to being an investment than any other out there on the market. And with handmade furniture, you often have the added advantage of being able to resell at higher value.

Furnishings from the hands win the admiration of others. Your friends will envy you. After all, you have something no one else in the world does. That can't be duplicated. If they want the same feeling, they'll just have to buy their own!

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